The Dragon is in......


10 years ago, a girl with a dream went to College for Graphic Design. Like all stories, life added a dash of obstacle and a pinch of challenge. The girl decided she didn’t want to be a hot shot designer in Tampa, instead she wanted to do what she’d always wanted. Create. So in between life’s dashes and pinches she found a way to combine her education and her passion. For the last five years she’s created unique and personalized gifts and clothing for family, friends, and community. Items with flare, pizzazz, interest!

Today she offers those same items to a broader community, with a head in the clouds of artful imagination and a keen eye for quality and value. Her muse? All things Fantasy, whimsical, gothic, and legendary! Thus, The Dragon Designer was born, and every Dragon needs a home to horde their treasures. The Dragon Market is her shop for all things creation. A unique little shop where time seems to move a little differently than anywhere else and every item breath’s magick.


The Dragon Designer has always loved creating art and artful things, but even more the smiles generated by receiving the perfect gift. She strives for complete satisfaction and a magical experience she hopes will brings smiles to the faces in your life. With an array of items like T-shirts, Hoodies, Socks to baby apparel, pet apparel and accessories, Jewelry and more, your sure to find the gift that’s just right!

The Dragon strives for top quality, she uses only the best quality materials from the inks for printing to the t-shirts she prints on. You can rest assured that your item will be top quality. The Dragon supports small business and purchases American made materials as much as possible in creating a product that benefits the entire community.

If the perfect gift your looking for isn’t found at The Dragon Market, message the Dragon for all things personalized and custom too.